HADI facilitates the gathering of human and informational resources in order to promote and support long term development and improvement of people worldwide. 

 In addition, HADI aims to increase the capacity of the underprivileged in technical knowledge, strategic planning, and effective implementation of efforts to improve their circumstances.  Furthermore, when tragedy strikes in various regions of the world, HADI helps provide immediate assistance and relief to those in need.
To achieve these objectives, HADI implements projects in several different arenas:

Education & Learning

The Center for Languages, Arts, & Societies of the Silk Road (CLASSRoad) was established in 2007 HADI. The historic Silk Road, dating back to 5,000 B.C., is well known for connecting the numerous far-flung civilizations, cultures, and faiths of Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.  Through trade, pilgrimage, conquest, diplomacy, and the exchange of knowledge and science, human societies intermingled and transformed each other. The Silk Road provides a powerful metaphor for HADI’s efforts to improve cross-cultural understanding across and between East and West in today’s world.

CLASSRoad is among the annual recipients of the highly competitive STARTALK grants since 2008 which is a multi-million dollar federal funding administered by the National Foreign Language Center at the University of Maryland. Through this grant, CLASSRoad has established Arabic teacher training programs in collaboration with California State University at San Bernardino and has developed a comprehensive online training system.  CLASSRoad is a pioneer in developing online Arabic teacher training workshops. Individuals seeking to enhance their Arabic teaching skills can enroll in these courses.  HADI intends to develop similar teacher training courses centered on Persian and Turkish and Teaching English as a Second Language.

CLASSRoad is also among the recipients of an important grant by the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES) in 2018. Through this grant the BRIGHT Teacher Training pilot program was launched in October 2019 for an online course developed in collaboration with the National Humanities Center (NHC) that provides disciplinary approaches to promoting civil discourse in the pre-collegiate course. Through this professional development course, teachers in California public schools can gain an understanding of the specific ways in which the humanities can open the conversation around civility and comity. The training draws from examples in history, philosophy, art history, literature, and politics. Teacher participants are able to create curricular connections and classroom activities that follow the same model.  In a time at which our nation is plagued with mass-shootings and rhetoric of violence and hate, this important training will equip teachers to grapple with the realities of such a climate in the classrooms. Overall, the course looks to address the lack of civility leading to hate and violence in our communities.

CLASSRoad organizes arts programs, film screenings, and other cultural events in California.  For example, in partnership with SK Films, in 2009 CLASSRoad organized premier screenings at the California Science Center in Los Angeles, of Journey to Mecca, an award-winning IMAX documentary film that chronicles the life and times of Ibn Battuta during his first pilgrimage to Mecca.  In 2008, CLASSRoad hosted “A Night of Rumi” at the Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles, featuring a screening of Peaceful Warrior, starring Nick Nolte.

To learn more, visit: https://classroad.org/
IslamiCity Online Education

In 2010, HADI began offering courses through IslamiCity Online Education, modeled on the CLASSRoad language course infrastructure.  These courses are intended to provide practical and reliable knowledge on a variety of topics pertaining to Muslim life.  The inaugural course, “Before You Say ‘I Do’: Preparing for the Marriage of a Lifetime,” provides an excellent overview of Islamic teachings and parameters regarding marriage, and the realistic expectations prospective mates should cultivate before making the commitment.

Other courses are in development, such as a course on Management according to Islamic Principles and Ethics, and will be made available to institutions and individuals.

To learn more, visit: http://www.classroad.org/elearning/?welcome=islamicity

Media & Information

IslamiCity was launched in February 1995 as an initiative of Human Assistance & Development International embarking on the development of one of the world’s most visited portals for information on Islam and Muslims. Currently an average of 1M monthly online visitors benefits from this service.  On average 15% of the U.S. visitors for this service come from California (California ranks #1, followed by New York at 11%).   HADI has been able to direct visitors to aggregated news, information and analysis on cultural-religious, socio-political, financial-economic, and scientific-technical information relevant to Muslims and those seeking to understand Muslim views on many contemporary issues.

In June 2011, Voice of America (VOA) News reported, “Today, IslamiCity is a sprawling enterprise, aggregating news stories, profiling Islamic artists and thinkers from all over the world, and hosting a lively exchange of views and opinions”.

In March 2003, The Library of Congress selected the site for Historic Collection by Minerva Web Preservation.

To learn more, visit: https://www.islamicity.org/

Outreach & Community

The Student Housing and Internship Program (SHIP) was established in 2019 as an initiative of Human Assistance & Development International (HADI).

SHIP is a residential internship program where students will be living in the heart of the media and technology hub in Culver City, California. This program will engage students in various activities and foster the growth of leaders committed to faith in action.

SHIP will provide mentorship, and opportunities for talent development and collaboration to do social good in a safe, decent environment. The students attending universities and colleges in the Los Angeles area will pay below-market rent and will participate in various HADI projects and also identify new projects that address various problems and issues related to HADI’s charitable purposes and community benefit.

To learn more, visit: https://ship.hadi.org/
Community Outreach Programs

To complement its online efforts, HADI is periodically involved in community outreach programs in Los Angeles and other cities that improve the basic knowledge of average Americans about Islam and enhance cultural-religious awareness about Muslim American communities.  HADI strives to create opportunities for honest dialogue and healthy, civil debate to promote cross-cultural understanding and overcome stereotypes that communities may harbor about one another.  HADI has worked with universities and educational institutions, cultural centers, interfaith groups, law enforcement, and public agencies to engage specific communities and the general public.

In light of the specific needs of Muslim Americans seeking to live a balanced, moral, dignified and committed life, HADI facilitates local community-based family services, such as family counseling and matrimonial services.

Furthermore, through the HADI Outreach Center, HADI operates a telephone, mail service and online chat helpline to answer inquirers’ questions about Islam and Muslim life. The helpline serves as an excellent, personal tool to help correct common misconceptions about Muslims and as a forum for the open exchange of ideas from people of all faiths. The HADI Outreach Center receives 5,000 inquiries a year on average.

The Outreach Center also oversees the ICMarriage Services, a matrimonial search website and related offline events in Los Angeles area such as mixers and training seminars. Compared to commercial sites, the basic service is provided at no charge to the community.

Relief & Services

Relief & Services Projects

HADI is involved in providing emergency relief to those suffering from natural disasters and other emergencies.  HADI focuses on raising funds for food, relief supplies for the displaced, and to assist in children’s education and support.

Key projects that HADI has supported include:

California Prisoners Assistance Orphan Education Fund Food Assistance Fund
Meat Distribution Program Housing Assistance

California Prisoners Assistance

This project provides assistance to Muslim inmates at California Prisons for their spiritual and material needs that include providing free literature and host food at breaking of fast during the month of fasting (Ramadan).

Orphan Education Fund

This project aspires to become a resource for education for orphan children. HADI helps fulfill basic needs, such as food, shelter, educational supplies, etc. in places like Bangalore, India. Bangalore, considered the Silicon Valley of India, has large slum areas where children have no opportunity to get an education.  Most children in these areas are forced to start working as early as seven years of age as office boys and shop helpers.

Food Assistance Fund

HADI’s goal is to increase the self-dependence and income earning potential of individuals and households by allowing poor students access to nourishment and education in areas like West Africa and South East Asia.  The increase in a person’s level of education creates a long term impact. Time and time again, HADI has seen the positive impact of one college graduate, who is able to secure a good-paying job, on the entire family.  It can, in fact, help reverse the cycle of poverty for the entire family.  This program also uses Zakat Al-Fitr contributions collected during the month of Ramadan.

Meat Distribution (Qurbani) Program

HADI also operates an online Qurbani program, enabling donors to support the distribution of meat from cows and goats in needy communities worldwide. The service enables Muslims to discharge their annual obligatory and voluntary charity in a convenient and effective manner.  This program has been operational since the late 1990’s and currently over $50,000 worth of meat is distributed to the poor in several developing countries every year.

Housing Assistance

After a major earthquake in northern Pakistan in 2005, a project was launched to provide rehabilitation and housing assistance.

Discovery & Research

Discovery & Research Programs

HADI encourages historical and scientific discovery to foster inquisitiveness and the cultivation of a broadminded, global perspective.  HADI periodically coordinates travel study tours to important historical regions of the world, especially those involving Muslim history and culture and intercultural dynamics.  The primary focus areas have been Andalusian Spain, to study the golden age of co-existence between Jews, Christians and Muslims; and the Silk Road in China and its influence from the Muslim World.  HADI has also arranged tours in Central Asia and Turkey.  Travel programs are open to the general public and are led by academically-trained and responsible tour guides.