IslamiCity was launched in February 1995 as an initiative of Human Assistance & Development International embarking on the development of one of the world’s most visited portals for information on Islam and Muslims. Currently an average of 1M monthly online visitors benefits from this service.  On average 15% of the U.S. visitors for this service come from California (California ranks #1, followed by New York at 11%).   HADI has been able to direct visitors to aggregated news, information and analysis on cultural-religious, socio-political, financial-economic, and scientific-technical information relevant to Muslims and those seeking to understand Muslim views on many contemporary issues.

In June 2011, Voice of America (VOA) News reported, “Today, IslamiCity is a sprawling enterprise, aggregating news stories, profiling Islamic artists and thinkers from all over the world, and hosting a lively exchange of views and opinions”.

In March 2003, The Library of Congress selected the site for Historic Collection by Minerva Web Preservation.