HADI is involved in providing emergency relief to those suffering from natural disasters and other emergencies.  HADI focuses on raising funds for food, relief supplies for the displaced, and to assist in children’s education and support.

Key projects that HADI has supported include:

California Prisoners Assistance Orphan Education Fund Food Assistance Fund
Meat Distribution Program Housing Assistance

California Prisoners Assistance

This project provides assistance to Muslim inmates at California Prisons for their spiritual and material needs that include providing free literature and host food at breaking of fast during the month of fasting (Ramadan).

Orphan Education Fund

This project aspires to become a resource for education for orphan children. HADI helps fulfill basic needs, such as food, shelter, educational supplies, etc. in places like Bangalore, India. Bangalore, considered the Silicon Valley of India, has large slum areas where children have no opportunity to get an education.  Most children in these areas are forced to start working as early as seven years of age as office boys and shop helpers.

Food Assistance Fund

HADI’s goal is to increase the self-dependence and income earning potential of individuals and households by allowing poor students access to nourishment and education in areas like West Africa and South East Asia.  The increase in a person’s level of education creates a long term impact. Time and time again, HADI has seen the positive impact of one college graduate, who is able to secure a good-paying job, on the entire family.  It can, in fact, help reverse the cycle of poverty for the entire family.  This program also uses Zakat Al-Fitr contributions collected during the month of Ramadan.

Meat Distribution (Qurbani) Program

HADI also operates an online Qurbani program, enabling donors to support the distribution of meat from cows and goats in needy communities worldwide. The service enables Muslims to discharge their annual obligatory and voluntary charity in a convenient and effective manner.  This program has been operational since the late 1990’s and currently over $50,000 worth of meat is distributed to the poor in several developing countries every year.

Housing Assistance

After a major earthquake in northern Pakistan in 2005, a project was launched to provide rehabilitation and housing assistance.